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Inflatable Dock Fenders

Who wants to damage their boat docking at the berth? Protect your pride & joy with inflatable Fenders for boats.

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Our Protector and Slimline inflatable Dock Fenders fenders are designed to be permanently fixed to the marina berth, pontoon, pier or jetty, clear of the water.

Our NEW innovative Slimline Boat Fenders hang from the hand rail and can be

stacked as pairs for double the width.

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A better-designed inflatable dock fender to make parking the beauty a breeze.

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safe2dock dock fenders installed

How it Works.

safe2dock fenders take the hard knocks! Fits directly to the dockside, is clear of the water, slime free with no algae growth. Made from durable 1.2mm PVC Fabrics. Easy installation.

“We all know about windy docking. I hit the side fender hard at about 15 degrees after my bow was pushed around, even after using the thruster, simply bounced off."
— Tim Hanson