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Our most common questions. You asked, we answered.

  • Where are safe2dock fenders made?
    Protector DOCK, Slimline Protector DOCK Fender Covers along with safe2dock BOAT Fenders and Covers are made and shipped from Asia. V - Fenders are made in New Zealand from imported fabrics.
  • Can PVC fenders be recycled at the end of life?
    Unfortunately, no.
  • What is PVC?
    The best impregnating material of inflatable boats is high-tech polyvinylchloride. It has excellent performance characteristics. It features high resistance to mechanical wear, ultraviolet and temperature changes. It well resists humidity, pH of fresh and salt water as well as other substances. Boats made of PVC are stronger and lighter than rubber analogues.
  • Can you Custom Manufacture and have other fabric options?
    Yes, we can manufacture fenders in TPU or Hypalon fabrics. We also can custom manufacture to your requirements. Email for custom pricing.
  • How long do safe2dock fenders take to install?
    To install 3 - 4 x Deluxe Dock fenders 3000m (118”) takes about an 1 hour with the right tools, which are detailed in the Installation Guide. V - fenders take about 30 minutes to install.
  • Do the fenders come with fixing kits?
    Protector Dock Fenders and Slimline fenders exclude fixing kits. These are sold separately. V - Fenders include fixing kits. See Fixing Kits.
  • How long to manufacturer?
    Typically 10-14 working days from date of order placement with factory.
  • How long to deliver?
    International Airfreight typically takes 10-14 working days from date of pickup from the factory to your door.
  • Can you install fenders for me?
    Currently in Auckland, New Zealand & Brisbane, Australia.
  • Do you take international orders?
    Yes, we do. Please note that depending on where you live, customs duty and taxes may apply.
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Against defects and/or workmanship. Based on return to base ( manufacturer ) by purchaser for evaluation. Slimline DOCK fenders 12 months / Protector DOCK fenders 24 months. Protector Neoprene DOCK Covers: 12 months. safe2dock BOAT fenders 24 months / safe2dock BOAT fenders 24 months / V - Fenders: 24 months.
  • What is your returns policy?
    You need to contact us in advance to request a return: Domestic ( New Zealand ): Returned to us within 30 days. International: Returned to us within 60 days. Eligibility: All items must be in its original condition including the packaging, unused, with tags. Along with invoice or proof of purchase. Full Policy
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