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Protector DOCK Fenders

Designed to clip to the dockside clear of the water. Requires fixing kits.

Note: Country Taxes are payable at the border on goods purchased.

inflatable dock fenders | safe2dock

350 mm / 450 mm


1000 mm / 1500 mm /

3000 mm / 6000 mm


Soft cap ends.

1 x inflation valve, (end).
Pressure relief valves (2.5psi) (ends).

200 mm width x length anti-chafe panel.

NO STEP warning label.

1000 mm 2 x D - Rings.

1500 mm 3 x D - Rings.

3000 mm 5 x D - Rings. ( 2 x spare ).

6000 mm 5 x D - Rings. 

6000 mm fenders have internal baffle with inflation valves on the top side.

Fabric & Color

Black 1.2mm PVC.

Fastening Kit

Fender Fixing Kit required.

Design & Manufacture

Designed in New Zealand.

Manufactured in Asia.

Protector Dock Fenders | safe2dock


We have prepared guides to help in the selection of the best fender and quantities needed.

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